BIM Final Submission- zh2207, lj2326,wz2265

BIM Final Submission- zh2207, lj2326,wz2265

GSAPP | ReThinking BIM | Spring 2014 Integrated Parametric Delivery By Zhonghan Huang, Limeng Jiang, Wen Zhu   PDF link RETHINKING BIM video link BasicGeometry video link 2 Addaptive Component…

IPAD final_kh2630 cl3185 zh2205

IPAD final_kh2630 cl3185 zh2205

Ipadfinal_kh2630 cl3185 zh2205  

Re-Thinking Bim Final – zk2164 -ae2452

RethinkingBim_Final_zk2164-ae2452 Facade Mass from Zkz on Vimeo. 2-Pattern Facade from Zkz on Vimeo. 3-Pattern to Facade Mass from Zkz on Vimeo. 4-Structure Pipe from Zkz on Vimeo. 5-Structure to Facade…

Rethinking BIM Final Submission_kh2630, zh2205, cl3185

changable facde_kh2630, zh2205, cl3185 Component- Facade Umbrella from Can Ho on Vimeo. Component- Facade Louvers from Can Ho on Vimeo. Component- Floor and Ceiling from Can Ho on Vimeo.

Assignment 1 for IPAD from wz2265,zh2207,lj2326

proposal for IPAD

Final Submission_zw2250_xc2261_as4505

Link PDF: final submission_zw2250_xc2261_as4505 ZIP Revit Files   Videos: Exterior Walls_Tutorial by Abhijeet Shrivastava_as4505; Columns_Tutorial by Zhizhen Wu_zw2250; Interior Walls_Tutorial by Ximing Chen_xc2261.  



Rethinking BIM – Spring 2014 – Assignment 4 – cq2160, lmm2276, yd2281

42_A4_lmm2276_cq2160_yd2281_LuisMorales_CatherineQi_YuhongDu_Spring2014 final video:

Final submission_Rethinking BIM_By bk2526, ck2651, jp3368

Link PDF: Final submission_PDF Final submission_Rethinking BIM_By bk2526: Bryan Kim ck2651: Cheolho Kim jp3368: Jaeyoung Park SITE MASS Massing curvature was designed to introduce and activate void spaces created in…

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