Pedestrian Bridge Bridge

Utah cAP | ReThinking BIM | Fall 2012
Scott Baker, Ardaven Tookaloo, Nate King

Concept Submission: This image of a conceptual bridge functioned as our inspiration for this project. The Rhomboid pattern conforming to the irregular double curved form appears to be random. It was our intent to create an adaptive system that would respond to its environment while retaining similar aesthetic qualities.

Progress Submission: Working in a conceptual massing environment we began introducing parameters into our project in order to manipulate the final form of our proposal. With our component functioning as a screen, we began manipulating the ability for the exterior to respond to its surroundings based on programmatic and environmental considerations.

Final Submission: Using the interface between a revit project file, conceptual massing environment, adaptive components, and rhino v-ray we were able to create a form that would respond to geometry.






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