Integrated Parametric Delivery- Meagan Aaron Parametric Delivery- Meagan Aaron

Assignment 1- Concept

- Concept: Analyze the current weather patterns of the New York City area and create a massing for the structure located around Washington Square Park. This new massing would combat the current weather patterns as well as, allow for transformations as the climate starts to shift and global warming occurs.


Rhino + Grasshopper + Revit+ Chameleon—–> Kangaroo +  Diva

Use Rhino and Grasshopper to design the massing. Use Chameleon to import parametric components created in Revit for the massing. This connection between Chameleon, Revit and Rhino will allow for changes of the massing to combat against the weather to occur within Revit.

Kangaroo and Diva will allow for the surface component to experience the current weather conditions or the area as well as model the future conditions.

-Site Details:

Tax Map

Building within Park

Author Description


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