Project Description

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Project: reThinking NY Part 2

This visual studies workshop is intended as a continuation of reThinking BIM where an adequate understanding of Revit becomes a basis for more advanced interoperability workflows that utilize the specialized modeling, analysis, optimization, and computational features of other design software platforms; mainly Rhinoceros 3D with Grasshopper and associated plugins.

The project will focus on the crafting of custom workflows in pursuit of an iterative and flexible system for designing. Students will focus on the development of workflows to redesign an existing building where the scale of work shifts between concept, tool, workflow, building elements, and overall building scale.

Individuals will adapt their design ideas to existing conditions of the given building and take advantage of the suite of tools available through the Grasshopper platform.

Approaches can be flexible. Students are encouraged to explore an iterative and adaptable design intervention to the existing conditions of the building/site. The scale is up to the designer, whether this be at a component, unit, facade system, entire building level, or a method for detailed analysis, simulation, or optimization.

Students are expected to produce a clear diagram(s) illustrating their concept, key relationships, and necessary controls in order to produce various design iterations.

Once each group will further develop their concept through weekly lectures demonstrating techniques, tutorials, and help sessions.



Project concept/diagrams will require feedback prior to design progression to reduce road blocks and to maximize student effort for the session. Individuals should come prepared to discuss their concept through completion of the assignment. Also remember to post to


Key Requirements:

0. Obtain all project template files.

1. Watch and follow along with provided weekly tutorials and class lecture.

2. Develop your Conceptual Proposal.

3. Review feedback for your Conceptual Proposal and revise.

4. Continuously develop your workflow. Scope/size of each project will vary depending on group size, each group member will be required to be responsible for a portion of the project.

5. Produce a working MVP (minimum viable product) of your workflow and design and demonstrate competency with the tools.

6. Document your project using either Revit or Rhino to create drawings, diagrams, and renderings. Produce 4 boards of final work nicely formatted.

7. Produce a short video which walks the audience through your project both conceptually and technically.



  1. Final project files, uploaded to class drive.
  2. Full Documentation posted on the RethinkingBIM Website
  3. Video overview of your project hosted on YouTube and posted onto the RethinkingBIM website

DUE: To Be Announced.